Captain Rex Harrison



Rex Harrison-  (30's) Retired Army Captain. Our dashing bold adventurous hero with a heart of gold willing and able to risk his life in the face of danger and evil. We find Rex in isolation and depression for the past 15 years. He is transformed into the hero we will come to know when General Marcus Learer presents him with a top secret mission to save the world.


General Marcus Learer



General Marcus Learer-  ­ (40's) Rex's commanding officer and old friend. Marcus heads up the secret mission to infiltrate the Flamond Corporations compound and destroy the Solinte bomb ­ a bomb capable of rendering the earth's satellites useless with a electromagnetic pulse. Thus plunging the world into communicational chaos. Marus is somewhat aloof and absent minded but always gets the job done, somehow...


Big Jim Slade



Big Jim Slade- ­ (50's) Captain and pilot of the high tech secret army speedboat: The Raging Queen. Big Jim is in charge of the elite group of marines on the mission. Big Jim is tough as nails and as stern as a army drill sergeant.


Mrs. Dorothy Holland



Mrs. Dorothy Holland- ­ (30's) the evil transvestite scientist on the island. Dorothy once bitten by a Killer Shrew now has super strength and agility due to bonding of the shrews venom to her dna. She will stop at nothing to get the Solinite bomb operational and carry out the Flamond Corps evil plans for world domination.


Dr. Flamond


Dr. Flamond- ­ (30's) the mastermind and head of the Flamond Corporation. Once dead she has been resurrected by Dorothy. Now only her head remains ­ kept alive by tubes wires and a life giving fluid known as; "Neepe."She instructs Dorothy's every move in world domination.


Helen Flamond



Helen Flamond- ­ (30's) The daughter of Dr. Flamond and wife of Rex Harrison. Helen, dead from cancer, returns to Rex from the dead in the

form of visions in a mirror. She warns Rex of the dangers he faces on his path.

Killer Shrews



The Killer Shrews- (?) Ravenous killing machines, genetically engineered and enhanced by Dorothy and Dr, Flamond to rule the world. The Shrews can devour ten times their body weight and their venomous saliva causes a victim's organs to disintegrate from the inside out.