Podcasting the Shrews!

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Director Bart Grieb is interviewed on “Out of My Head Radio” Hosted by Adam Ginsberg!

Bart’s segment starts 33 minutes into the program, but if you’re here because you like all things horror and fantasy, chances are you’ll enjoy the whole thing.

Pod cast interview



Shrews in the News 2!

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Revenge of the Killer Shrews got press on Halloween Forevermore!

Jump on over there, read up on RotKS and get your Halloween on!

HALLOWEENFOREVERMORE.COM is a place that celebrates Halloween and the horror genre 365 days a year. Our goal is to satisfy the casual fan as well as the diehard enthusiast with exclusive content for all things Halloween and horror: fiction, movies, reviews, interviews and we also offer cool Halloween and horror-themed merchandise all year long.

Your host for this dark and festive place is Terry M. West, a horror author who is also a confirmed Halloween junkie and lover of all things horrific.

A big thanks to Terry at Halloween forever for this great press release!

Fade in:

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scriptWith the script completed, our heroes advance into development phase; begging for money, wooing actors and mucking about for shooting locations.

In a digital world where social media networks are ruled by cat pics and snarky Facebook commentary, this brave director and company filter through the noise in search for their audience. The road will be fraught with peril. There will be rejection, there will be trolling, but there will also be comradery in people who will join our heroes on what will assuredly be a fun filled thrilling adventure!